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Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in my work! The details below will provide more information about the prints and the process from beginning to end when purchasing a photograph of mine through this website. If I have not answered your question below, please feel free to reach out to me personally at any time via email or telephone.

I offer all the prints shown here through this website, in sizes ranging from 16×24 all the way up to 41×27. Many select pieces can be created as larger prints but please contact to verify. Each of my TruLife Acrylic or Fujiflex Super-Gloss Acrylic Prints are finished using a “Float Mount” system, creating a ready-to-hang work of art that does not require exterior framing of any kind. This not only relieves you of the need to pay for expensive external framing, but also creates a visually clean and crisp display that looks striking in any home or business environment.

Acrylic Prints

TruLife® Acrylic Prints offer an incredibly brilliant, luxurious display that no other art presentation can match. This is our #1 choice of medium for ready to hang finished works of art. What makes this medium so stunning? Light that comes in contact with the print refracts within the acrylic material and illuminates the artwork as if back-lit. Each piece is handcrafted to absolute perfection using the highest level of craftsmanship and gallery quality materials.

The most luxurious gallery quality pieces that I offer are Trulife® Acrylic Fine Art prints, produced with FujiFlex and Metallic True Photographic Papers.  Each photographic print is incapsulated between a crystal clear acrylic base layer and museum grade Trulife® acrylic glass. TruLife® is a crystal clear, scratch resistant and non-reflective acrylic glass that allows exacting detail and vibrancy to shine through without distraction. This masterly crafted work of art is now thoroughly isolated from all elemental damage.This mounted fine art print is then finished with a recessed float mount on the reverse, creating a ready to hang piece of unrivaled quality and exquisite beauty. Each piece is crafted by hand, inspected and polished leaving a lasting brilliance and shine with no detail overlooked.

This process offers a clean, gallery-quality presentation and modern look that will dramatically enhance any private home or business facility. Fine Art prints produced this way show incredible visual depth and an almost 3D quality full of high definition details, beautiful tonal transitions and incredibly vibrant colors.

Light that falls across and reflects off of the face of artwork is visually “trapped” within the acrylic glass and when properly lit, appears to be illuminated or back-lit.  FujiFlex & Metallic TruLife Acrylic prints have a silver, almost pearl-like luminescence that adds to the overall luxury feel of these incredible pieces. As various qualities of changing light fall across the walls of your home, the luminescence of the art changes as well, bringing the work to life before your very eyes.






ChromaLuxe Metal Prints

A relatively new technology, prints produced with ChromaLuxe panels are a favorite of many photographers. ChromaLuxe has created a state-of-the-art coating that allows for images to be infused directly onto sheets of metal. This means that fine art, photos and more can be displayed virtually anywhere with more vibrancy, more clarity and a longer life than any other print medium. They are fade, water and scratch resistant. ChromaLuxe’s state-of-the-art coating infuses images directly onto sheets of metal or wood. The result? Photography and digital images come alive with an unbelievable combination of vibrancy, clarity, and durability.  ChromaLuxe prints are also lightweight and are produced with a float mount arriving ready to hang with no additional framing required.

Chromaluxe Metal prints are the brightest of all of the fine art print mediums I offer, when no external light source is used. For artwork that will be displayed in a dim or low light environment, Chromaluxe Metal Prints are the perfect choice. Chromaluxe prints are proudly Made in The USA, engineered and manufactured in Lexington, North Carolina.



My TruLife Acrylic prints are also available externally framed, using various frames.  Shipping is included at no additional cost anywhere in the US for pieces 72″ and under. Pieces larger than 72″ and deliveries outside of the US (including Canada) require additional shipping costs. To receive a shipping estimate please provide the details about your order specifics and your address via email.  I offer three incredible “Ready to Hang” fine art print options: TruLife® Acrylic Prints, TruLife® Acrylic Framed Prints and Chromaluxe Metal Prints. These three print mediums come with either an inset rear float frame in black or white, or an external frame attached, making them easy to hang right out of the box.

Wondering what the ideal size of artwork should be for your wall? Look no further! Whether you are hanging fine art on an empty wall or plan to hang above existing furniture, you can use these wall art calculators to determine which print size will look best in your space.    Artwork is a reflection of a homeowner’s personality and style which is instrumental in making a house feel like a home. Whether you are in search of wall art for your home, office or private gallery, you’ll first want to answer these questions: What subject matter interests me most? What print medium should I choose? What print size will work best in my space? Enter the size of the wall in inches where your print will reside by using the “Calculate Print Size” button.

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